Most innovative Android launcher
What is Buzz Launcher?
Buzz Launcher is a Launcher application with boundless customization properties. And at the same time is a link to our Homepack Buzz service.
It is a new concept launcher that let users share their Homescreen designs with anyone around the world. Share Homescreens with your friends and Buzz your phone!
Intuitive and enhanced decorative features
Buzz Launcher’s enhanced editing features help users have a dynamic launcher experience.
Buzz Launcher’s powerful customizing features promote the creation of diverse and unique Homescreens. Freely share and experience uniquely designed Homescreens, only on Buzz Launcher!
Innovative Decoration Features Such as….
Multi background
– Different background images for each screen with any picture!

My icon
– The ultimate icon editing tool that allows on-the-spot editing. Simply long press on icons and change the size, associating app, icon image, transparency, and more!

Multi grid
– Choose the grid size for each or every screen, and design your Homescreen up-to-the last detail! (Grid sizes are supported up to 12x12)

And more!
Multiple Managing Features and Gestures
Manage folders
– Create folders, change folder images, and even resize folders on the Homescreen itself.

Manage apps
– Redesign the Homescreen to your taste! Move and relocate apps on the Homescreen in any way preferred!

Manage app drawer
– Sort the app drawer in a custom style, or even automatically manage apps by frequently-used apps, recently-installed apps, and hidden apps. Create folders, and even change the grid itself!

– Change the Launcher gestures on demand! (Slide up or down, double tap, and more gestures!)
Buzz Widget
Widget Editor
– Create your own clock, calendar, and battery widgets!

– Design your own widget with images, fonts, and figures. Create layer orders, and move/delete directly on the preview screen through touch-and-drag actions.

– Even share your widget designs with others!

– Apply customized widgets that others have created through downloading Homepacks!
Share and transfer your Homescreen through Homepacks!
Homepacks are a user’s apps, widgets, shortcuts, wallpapers, icons, settings, and more, all packaged into a single condensed format.

When users upload a homescreen to Homepack buzz, it is automatically packaged into a Homepack. Other users can download Homepacks, and copy shared Homescreen information directly onto their Android phones!
Share brilliant Homepack ideas!
Design one of a kind homescreens and show them off to the world! Other users can download, comment, like, and buzz your Homepacks.

Share it on Homepack Buzz. Friends from all over the world are waiting to check out your design!
Share Homepacks through SNS!
Simply use the share button on Homepack buzz, and share Homepacks with friends!

Choose a Homepack of your choice, write a simple message, and you’re done!
Stay connected while sharing!
Check out how many people have buzzed, liked, and downloaded your Homepacks. Get instant updates from other users via our notification feature. And simply have fun!


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